Your Kids
Always at Reach

BeaWarn is the perfect tool
to connect children to their parents do not spoil a perfect day

Discover it!

Easy to use

Kids have a super power... The ability to disappear in a blink. However watchful you can be, they just need a minute of distraction to fly away and then the stress begins...

BeaWarn propose a mobile App, peered to a connected wristband weared by your child which will warn you as soon as he runs too far from you.

  • › Simplicity
  • › Autonomy (until 1 year)
  • › Security
  • › Resilience

Easy to setup

To peer the wristband to the BeaWarn application, you just have to turn on.

Of course, Beawarn is adapted to large families as well, and you can connect several wristbands to the same mobile app.

  • › Speed
  • › Detection
  • › Smart Scan
  • › Multi-Device


At any time, you can define who this wristband is associated to, and select a figure in a list, or you can take a picture of your kid and use to locate him on the map.

  • › Customization
  • › Identification
  • › Avatar or picture
  • › Safety distance (until 50 meters)

Immediate Warning

Beawarn is the solution that will warn you before your kids are out of sight.

As soon as a kid trespasses a defined safe zone, your are immediately warned on your smartphone, and the wristband on your kid will beep as well, so as to tell him that he is going too far away!

  • › Reactivity
  • › Immediate Warning
  • › Localization
  • › Serenity and Safety

Where can you find BeaWarn?

Beawarn is available out of the box and proposed at the place and at the time you mostly need it.